Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Archaeology of Virtuality

from Metatronic: an Alchemical Journal (for Robert Kelly) 

The car arrived without a driver. 

It is only those who have no future to whom the agents of the future come. 

Dear Angel of Incidence, 

The source for the Pegasus/Mercury paper tape code is "Information Representation and Manipulation in a Computer" by E.S. Page and L.B. Wilson and, yes, that was the impetus, with a nudge from Blackburn's Watchers and a nod to Sappho's 'Fragment 182.' The rest obsessed from that. A simple machine shuffling the flows. Contact human reference that oblique figure cut from the argument (apropos of Atropos and several threads severed, or persevered perhaps, in the process). 

She appeared to be translucent, faintly silvery and unambiguously briefly leafy, an imperturbable oscillating conundrum. ("Sometimes I wonder where the message begins and the world ends.") The wobbling pivot of that disturbance in air resolved into a sufficiency of indeterminacy, that is . . . the signifying calligraphy is inscrutable. An instruction manual in the form of a riddle or a self-fulfilling epiphany. 

In the leaves of the trees, lenses . . . and a dangling entanglement, primary circuitry of the time-adjusters. 

Listening to the dead (mostly). Their music is alien polar silence(s). As for the asphodel and the river of murmuring, memory is random and (mostly) involuntary, that Daphne bit specifically, notwithstanding the keeper of austere ceremony. We drink the bittersweet water and forget. 

Bitumentation is the enumeration of a deprivation. Interminable contextuality, equal to the measure of obscurity. We are more than the sum of our seeming. 

The divination is in the (living) syntax. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Revision: Context Event Recognition

I thought that this might be one way. A sense of inordinate measure with a peripheral inference of incomprehensible absence. "I" colludes with the blues to produce the epitome of kind. Not only the body but heaven knows otherwise. Obviously improbable autochthonic entity with a blue dress on. Resonance would be wanton and enlightenment in vain. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Immutable Refusal

Disjunctive synthesis. A mere spatial evasion maybe . . . a cloud of pixels, inexplicably . . . scintillates beside me, some immaculate lattice mapped upon maximum circumstance and the axiomatics of desire. The contingent epiphany obviously adept deception. A glitch in vision commensurate with the autopsychology of dreaming. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Reversible Dispersal, or Slipped Infinitive

Now there can be no realization. I gather shards of tense / from the abundant blue confusion. Cuneiform or acanthus thus suffice. There is no rosy gnosis to this. The kiss persists, enclitic to it but involute . . . littoral iteration. Cadence to coda. A sequence of gamuts nested in diffusion or the locus of an enhanced delay. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Enunciation of the Becoming After

The anxious cricket in my ear implicates itself in my impending dissonance, not to mention deafness and notwithstanding an indefinite aura of aureality to these copies of aethernity. I beside myself with the pallid multitudes and their Martian ambition. The sinthome of this is parthenogenesis. An indexical disposition (or inchoate state of attenuation) juxtaposed with the errant paraphernalia of a spectacular indulgence. I beside myself again and again with diminishing resolution. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mutable Refuge


"tunable, coherent, immeasurable" 
(Rod Smith, the love that is truly a refuge for all living beings) 

any other form of 

like interruption 

would be something 

quite different 

simulated life-emission 

like minded tolerance 

biochemical indices 

indicate cadence 

radiation gradient 

bleak body deformation 

as active aperiodic 

empirical discharge 

spectra like previous 

with extreme punctuation 

thus the disjunct sun of 

luminescence immeasurable 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Disjunctive Conjunction, or Murk Gurgle


That flowery spreadsheet, actuarial 

          albeit indeterminate 

                             with immersive flourish, embellished 

                    (parenthetical)     thud operative 

whether proviso cite or source muster, 

          code-work heroic 

                              cast alike 

all extant nothing     (and indelibly so) 

                    more or less 


          intransigent capital, 

dread fetch 

          in tinned swelter, 

                              the seemingly likely 

                    glandular factory 

enhancement as 

          retrieval past value, 

                                                  apt lapses 


retroactive flush          (glut sputter) 


                                        froth-benefit analysis 

          "quite rightly" 

                              arbitrarily obliged