Monday, April 4, 2016

Imaginary Anthology

Some Names for an Imaginary (and Probably Impossible) Anthology (beginning with bp and including those with birth-dates from 1944-1966) 

Victor Coleman 
Steven Ross Smith 
Norma Cole 
Michael Boughn 
Sharon Thesen 
Colin Browne 
Steve McCaffery 
Lissa Wolsak 
Pete Smith 
M. NourbeSe Philip 
Brian Henderson 
Lary Timewell Bremner 
Meredith Quartermain 
Richard Truhlar 
Anne Carson 
Christopher Dewdney 
Phil Hall 
Dorothy Trujillo Lusk 
Susan Clark 
David Dowker 
Lise Downe 
Erin Moure 
Karen Mac Cormack 
Camille Martin 
Peter Culley 
Kevin Davies 
Jeff Derksen 
Sylvia Legris 
Steve Venright 
Lisa Robertson 
Christine Stewart 
Nancy Shaw 
Deanna Ferguson 
Margaret Christakos 
Dan Farrell 
Sina Queyras 
Louis Cabri 
Adeena Karasick 
Catriona Strang 
Darren Wershler 
Christian Bok 

Saturday, January 9, 2016


The continuation of eternity by other means, not any and all . . . or maybe this is it. Nominally. A certain frequency of spectral lamentation, the structure of the relationship of dark matter to dark light. Lunar caustic. Follow (the isotopic composition of) the water (from the radical gate to the eventual threshold). Incarnation as chimera, some ocular covenant with a dissonant sensuality. Bitumentation is the enumeration of a deprivation. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Inalienable Array

So now maintain a plane of consistency. Then what utters lustre inheres, as attar to petal or morning dew undone. Vernacular strata of the undermind under time or maybe the clock has stopped at auroch bone and sardonyx ossuaries. Her reciprocity is legendary. Cynosure as sure as assured, interminable contextuality. Over the carnal rose symptomatic the ghosts of other flowers in the cups of their nuptials. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Latent Adjacency

Subjectification, in effect. Given sympathies control, being all this and also. A flower or a fountain (entirely notwithstanding whatever) with hidden devotion. At the same time a condenser, ambigrammatical, becoming animalism (itinerant remnants of consciousness inhabit resonance). In advance of the rapturous, such and such existential differential collapses, inframinimal. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Influence of Anxiety

Abstract, or inexact tracts of vastness coalesce into black phosphorous. An excellent once as such like as lilac the lake ostensibly cubical and our boat afloat on a wave of happening. Syringa rings incongruous in this para-literary emerald spring and all the cunning while some sport of baroque vortices cavorts with postmodern abandon. By the arrangement of the difficulties and the given immaterial the verdant surfaces of a pastoral anamorphosis and the absence of same, no blame. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Functional Redundancy

Various interpretations of delirium enacted with vegetable exuberance as each aspect of the muse osmoses. So much promise and then some, severally, specifically. The expression of the sequence uneasily lyrical albeit frequently eschatological. They dream of xenotextual exegesis. The disappearance of the green integer appears to be integral, if merely theoretical. That, in itself, irreparable. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Indeterminate Evidence

In consideration of the infrasimilar: a shining beetle, a constellation, estranged attractor (from the same dream, in the same breath, always). Intimations of a reflexive grammar, miasma plasmatic, submerged (in the place of a door or the opening of a window). The consonance of exactly that and a myriad of mirrors, spurious correlation with the radiant actinic. Happy accidentals under the fragility of thought. The convexed inverse of that enigmatic data-point in the sky.